Male Infertility and Andrology

Andrology and infertility consists of treatment of genital, fertility and sexual problems in men. Problems of erection (erectile dysfunction or ‘ED’ in medical parlance) are common and a source of severe embarrassment to men and marital discord in society. ED is treatable! In a vast majority of men, problems related to sexual function can be managed by simple methods without resorting to surgery or costly treatments! ED is also preventable by following the simple rule “whatever is good for your heart is good for erections”. A healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, regular exercise, good sleep and stress management are all steps to ensure a healthy heart and a healthy erection. Smokers are very likely to develop erectile dysfunction, hence smoking is not cool!

Male infertility evaluation is a cardinal part of the evaluation of any infertile couple. Isolated evaluation of the wife is to be condemned as bad medical practice. Evaluation consists of a stepwise logical check up of the possible reasons for infertility. One of the common medical problems leading to male infertility is varicocele. Varicocele surgery can be performed by various techniques. Some couples may require a referral for artificial reproductive technologies.